coupling repair with casing patch

Leaking Couplings Repair

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How to restore tubular integrity, curing casing connection leaks


Connections threads can get damaged due to bad conditions of storage and transportation (scratches, lack of thread protectors) of the casing joints which requires leaking couplings repair.

Casing couplings can also get damaged due to insufficient joint or bending strength when used during (difficult?) Running In Hole. Excess tensile loads, severe doglegs and bending moments, or high internal operating pressures can lead to leaks from the couplings, usually the first step before parting.


The solution for leaking couplings repair remains the same as for damaged casing: Saltel casing Patch.

With state of the art setting procedures of controlled plastic deformation of the expandable steel and a 2-meter sealing element at each end of the patch, attaining a pressure integrity seal in the damaged casing is assured.

The length of the patch is precisely adjusted to cover the impairment. For example, with a 10-meter corroded casing joint, a minimum 14-meter patch is mandatory with 2 meters of sealing element on both sides of the eroded joint. The sealing elements must be expanded only in a good casing section, to provide the expected seal.

leaking coupling repair with casing patch