casing patch gas shutoff
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How to isolate a zone that is producing unwanted gas or fluids

Gas shut off (for EOR purposes)

Saltel expandable steel Patch has a V0 design for eor – gas shutoff applications. It is a reliable solution that can effectively form an inner seal in a variety of gas producers, even when they experience instances of gas migration into the wellbore.

The patch has a fit-for basin design to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures. It has qualified to meet the highest industry standards. The patch has a simple design, that makes it easy to install and suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications. It can be usable in combination with other sealing technologies in the event of an eor – gas shutoff application to isolate a leak.


The Saltel Patch is a specialized tool with a design to isolate zones in a casing, which prevents the complete abandonment or suspension of the area, as required by regulations. The patch provides an effective seal (for the purpose of an effective eor – gas shutoff) in non-uniform casings with minimal loss of the internal diameter of the casing. This ensures that the casing remains safe and secure and that the gas shutoff is effective. The patch also helps to prevent any potential damage to the surrounding environment.

The Saltel Expandable Steel Patch is an innovative technology that reinforces the integrity of a wellbore during perforations off-depth, as well as isolating depleted zones or fluids. This patch is to last for the entire lifespan of the well and effectively meets eor – gas shut-off expectations.

The patch provides increased control over well production. It is constructed of high-grade steel, providing the strength and dependability required to withstand the rigors of long-term use in the gas production process. The patch also ensures a safe outcome, protecting against potential hazards that could arise from other less robust materials. This ensures that the patch will last for many years, with minimal maintenance and upkeep required.