Agility and Rigor

Agility and Rigor

Because of Saltel Industries’ continuous growth, the need for a very structured organization increases constantly. To assist and support this growth, the operating system of Saltel is built on strong and formalized processes populated with trained people.

Concurrently, Saltel Industries is strongly involved in the innovation and service required by our clients, including creativity, reactivity, and adaptability. In one word: Agility.

The processes must guarantee and sustain the global efficiency of the products and services delivered.
At the same time, people must have the necessary freedom and autonomy to maintain the capacity to offer rapid, specific and creative response to our clients.
That’s what we call Agility and Rigor.
First, agility and rigor cannot exist without the involvement of all employees demonstrating Saltel company core values. Additionally, this shared view of how processes operate must be sustained by a set of IT tools giving:

  • A robust but flexible reference data organization
  • A common, unique but adaptive way to realize each task
  • A secured but global sharing space of the company knowledge
  • An automated-but-foolproof tracking and tracing system
  • A reactive-but-reliable reporting and data consolidation system

The diagram below shows the main IT tools involved in information management:

  • CAD and FEA software allows us to design and simulate calculation on our products. Coupled to an electronic data chest, it also serves as the items’ reference repository.
  • Intraknow (IK): extranet including various modules such as
    • Project management
    • Quality document management
    • Knowledge management
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Incident management
    • Process cartography
  • SAP Business One: enterprise resource planning coupled to a specific Manufacturing Resource Planning add-on (BeAs)
    • Stock management
    • Sales management
    • Purchasing management
    • Manufacturing data
    • Tracking and tracing