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History of the company

Inception and the Development of the Inflatable Packer (2004-2006)

Saltel Industries was founded in 2004 with the primary goal of developing a high-performance inflatable packer for the oil and gas industry. With limited resources and a small team of experts, the company dedicated its efforts to researching and creating a product with exceptional qualities. The initial self-financed research led to the development of a remarkable inflatable packer that was ready to be marketed in 2006.

Introduction of the Expandable Steel Patch (2006-2011)

The introduction of the Expandable Steel Patch in 2006 was a significant milestone in Saltel Industries’ history. The patch was designed to optimize well production, restore completion integrity, and repair corroded casing. With unprecedented expansion and sealing capabilities, the Saltel Expandable Steel Patch quickly gained a reputation as a unique and proprietary technology with no direct competition. The company achieved a success rate of 96%, and the patch proved to be highly adaptable to different geometries.

Expansion and Introduction of New Products (2011-2016)

Saltel Industries continued to grow in the following years, introducing new products and services to the market. The company established subsidiaries in Canada, the USA, Argentina, and Romania, expanding its global reach. The company devoted significant resources to research and development, spending between 1.5M USD and 3M USD annually. The company owned at that time over 38 families of patents, and its Inflatable Packers (MDT) achieved a 100% success rate, with over 4,000 sold since 2006.

Development of the Expandable Steel Packer (2011-2016)

Saltel Industries introduced its Expandable Steel Packer line in 2011. The packers were designed to provide better sealing properties than standard solutions, especially for Shale Fracturing and low-end Stage Cementing applications. They also met the highest specifications for high-end Stage Cementing, Zonal Isolation, and Annulus Well Integrity.

Acquisition by Schlumberger (2016)

In 2016, Schlumberger, a leading oilfield services provider, acquired Saltel Industries, recognizing the company’s innovative products and services. The acquisition was a significant milestone for Saltel Industries, and the company continues to operate as a Schlumberger company within the Completions segment.