Saltel Industries, expandable steel technologies for upstream oil and gas


A gas-tight customized patch to cover a tubing leakage

How to restore a gas producer well that remained idle for two years
Saltel Patch Transition technology

SLB recognizes Saltel Expandable Steel Patch as a transition technology

Cased Hole V-zero gas integrity V3

ISO14310 Vzero annular integrity in cased holes

Extending cased hole annular zonal isolation possibilities to most gas-producing well applications...
Casing patch equipment preparation

Patch restores fiberglass lined tubing integrity

Saltel Xpandable tubing patch demonstrated outstanding versatility in the North Sea offshore, addressing two different applications in the same well.

Saltel expandable steel patch meets 3 applications in the same well

A worldwide first for the “full-grip” Patch, addressing new downhole application
Saltel Patch with coiled tubing

Pioneer in the Development of Expandable Steel Solutions

"We put our clients at the heart of our strategy"

Drilling and Well Construction

Unlocking access to safer wells
well maintenance and repair

Well maintenance and Repair

Well intervention and workover alternatives with expandable steel technology

Our core business

Created in 2004 and acquired by SLB in 2016, Saltel Industries is an upstream service company developing, manufacturing, and installing innovative products for downhole applications. Specialized in the plastic deformation of corrosion-resistant alloys and high-performance composite elastomers, Saltel Industries focuses on two main product lines: expandable steel patches (remedial services) and expandable steel packers (annular isolation).

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